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What's all this about, then?

Big Data

We build digital brands

CliqTo Ltd is a dynamic publishing and marketing company. We've built a significant portfolio of online brands, focusing on consumer, 'business to business' websites and digital magazines, including BritEvents, Traffic Update, Visitr and Postcode Area.

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We turn ideas into resources

We explore ways to create websites that help, inform and entertain more than 6 million people each year.

It all started when founder Chris Haycock decided that the UK needed an event listings guide, way back in 2004. That's two years before the world's biggest, Eventbrite was launched. When it took off, it was the beginning of something really great for us.

The site was put on auto-pilot, and Chris explored other niches to develop. And boy, has it been a journey! Since those early years, we've got more than thirty different websites in many areas, including home improvement, entertainment, business, tourism, travel, government and law. Many more are planned - we're not putting our feet up just yet.

We help you develop your ideas

If you have a mind-blowing idea for a website but don't know where to start, then talk to us. We'll partner with you to plan, design, develop, launch and market your website to turn your idea into a reality. For a small and competitive slice of equity, we can plug the missing gaps. Not a developer? We can help. Not a designer? We can help. Not a marketer? Yes, we can help with that too.

We take ideas from concept, through development, launch and then market these through our websites to millions of UK visitors. In 2016 our portfolio of websites attracted almost 1 in 7 of the UK population, and we can help you too.

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Big data, big ideas.

CliqTo Ltd is the operating company for a portfolio of useful websites. We start with an idea, and find a way to develop it into a web-based service that is unique and useful.

We operate a series of revenue models, including affiliate marketing, premium SMS text messaging, lead generation, and good-old display advertising.

We like to explore open data to see if we can make it easier to access and use (such as our Postcode Area service). At any one time we have a number of ideas that are in the 'exploratory' phase. Not all ideas will make the web, of course. We only launch web properties that we believe are useful.

We're particularly interested in UK data, and the databases that drive our sites are jam-packed with useful information for the masses to use at their leisure. We work with several data providers to build useful websites, including:

  • The Highways Agency
  • TfL (Transport for London)
  • Evvnt
  • Data.gov
  • Office of National Statistics

If you'd like to work with us in any way, or have an idea that you'd like to explore further, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Meet the Team

Chris Haycock

Chris Haycock, Managing Director

Chris is the Managing Director of CliqTo Ltd, an independent digital publishing company with a significant portfolio of online brands, focusing on consumer and B2B digital resources and magazines.

His early years saw him spend his time travelling around the world in the Royal Navy for the first five years of his career, and is proud to have fought for his country in active service during the 1991 Gulf War (Operation Desert Shield).

Today, Chris spends much of his time looking after his twin four-year-old girls, as well as looking after his growing business.

Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens, Co-Founder

Mark co-founded one of our most important websites, 'Who Shall I Vote For?'. Mark has worked in education since 2000 and is now an Assistant Headteacher of a comprehensive school in Staffordshire. Mark moved into the field of education after completing his studies in Marine Biology and now somehow finds himself as far from the coast as is possible in the UK!

When not involved in teaching or web site design, Mark can be found reading to, cooking with and entertaining his two young daughters.

Lucy Haycock

Lucy Haycock, Director

Lucy is the beautiful wife of Chris, and has an extremely valuable role in CliqTo, ensuring that content is produced and kept up-to-date.

She has the unenviable task of editing our core data when something wrong is pointed out to us, or when we need a new article for one of our many websites. Without her, we'd be stuck.

Thanks Lucy.


  • Address: 1 Brassey Road, Old Potts Way
    Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY3 7FA
  • Email: info@cliqto.com
  • Website: www.cliqto.com